I am committed to harnessing the power of the written word! And I have successfully written and edited copy on everything from fun treadmill workouts and meatless Monday recipes, to tips for healthy pine trees and press releases to promote tech product launches.

As a fellow writer, I understand how much of yourself you pour into your work. So as a copy editor, I am committed to improving the style, formatting, and accuracy of your manuscript, so your engaging content shines through! My job is to ensure that there are no inconsistencies or grammatical errors in your writing, and enhance flow. I offer three levels of copy editing: Light copy editing consists of proofing for accuracy and addressing grammatical issues. Medium copy editing requires occasional heavy lifting, including improving flow and re-writing some text. Heavy copy editing consist of re-structure of entire paragraphs, or extensive correction of style, flow, and grammar. Whether you need help with a blog, press release, or entire book, I know you have an end-goal in mind for your writing, and I can’t wait to discuss how we can copy edit your work to achieve that!


Let my proven experience in editing and writing engaging content contribute to YOUR success. Check out my copy editing and writing samples and contact me to learn more! 


Sara Kristen